Born and raised in Paris, France, I spent most of my teenage years in a family-owned recording studio, where my dad encouraged me to play and taught me music as I was watching the sessions unfold there.

After graduating from HEC Paris Business School, and working two years in an office (which didn’t do it for me), I went back to my roots and decided to commit to music professionally – I started making a living as a session & touring instrumentalist with various acts in Europe, also writing my own songs (under EMI Music Publishing at the time).

I soon became involved in music production and engineering, and from 2012 to 2016 I managed a French recording studio, where I was the main engineer and mixer. In 2016 I relocated to Los Angeles, in order to set foot in the American music industry and open my own space. Since 2016, I have mixed more than 500 songs for projects worldwide, developing my own style and approach.

As a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, I relate to the artists I am working with on many levels and am able to feel what drives them – their intention, their approach, their struggle. It really helps to speak music “fluently”, to assist clients in manifesting their vision.

Looking forward to hearing your music and taking it to the next level,