Studio Meridian is my own creative space for writing, producing & mixing music.
Acoustics and room treatment : Jerry Steckling (JSX Audio), and David Knauer (Audio Perception).

Monitoring: Neumann KH310s / Yamaha NS10s
Mixing / summing console: Neve 8816
Converters: UA Apollo 16 MKII, API A2D
Preamps: BAE 1073MP dual-channel, API 312 (pair), Phoenix Audio DRS-8
Dynamics: LA-2A, Distressors EL8X (pair), Smart Research C2, dbx 160X (pair), Warm Audio WA-76
Equalization: Tonelux EQ5P, Trident 80B, Orban 622B Stereo EQ
DAW: Logic Pro X, Pro Tools 12 & Ableton Live 9

+ a herd of microphones, electric instruments, synths, amps, DIs and effect pedals